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Hi all 👋 Super excited to launch BetaList Jobs today! Our goal here is to provide one place with all the jobs from the best startups across the world. There are many job boards out there, but they are either too niche and you'll only be able to find a handful of relevant jobs, or they are far too generic such which are highly inefficient to browse through if you're looking to specifically join a startup team. That's where BetaList Jobs comes in. We search the web for job openings at startups and show case them in one handy interface. Rather than scraping from competing job boards (which might be morally objectionable) we fetch the jobs straight from the startup themselves boosting their visibility to developers, designers and other talented startup enthusiasts who are already visiting BetaList, and hopefully an even larger audience as more people learn about BetaList Jobs. The Next Web (@matthewhughes) wrote more about the story behind it: It's also possible for startup to manually add their job listing (assuming it's a good fit for our audience). These paid listings also come with additional publicity throughout the BetaList network. We're running a 'launch day' discount which you can find more about on the site: Happy to answer any questions! P.S. Shout out to @levelsio for modelling for our header illustration 😉
Oh and another shout out to @levelsio and @thomasmoes for inspiring me to finally build this. After seeing their job boards ( and ) I wanted in on that action 😆 Props to my colleague @rpish for her continued feedback and putting up with me continuously moving the deadline and scope haha.
@emieljanson Thanks yung emillionaire!
Design makes me want to look for a job even though I don't need one. A+
@travisleestreet Haha thanks. Don't tell your boss! (if you have one)
Awesome! About time! :)
Congratz on the launch, there is no such thing as too many options! :) Quick feedback on the experience: the hero image takes way too much space, i like it as a splashy great picture but it takes a lot of scrolling to get out of the way. On the first scroll, as you hide the top bar, transform the form section into a new top bar for quick access, that would be nice. Also, pagination links are too close to one another, specifically the next page / final page. Keep up the good work!
@joao_oliveira Great ideas. Thanks! The hero image has bothered me too, but without it the page felt very bland. I'll see if we can scale it down and indeed transform it after scrolling.
Looks great! Congrats on the launch. One issue I had, and this may be due to my macbook air resolution, was I didn't realize search was updating in real time below the fold as I typed :) I feel like the market option can use some more high level filters as they're a bit harder to look through as is. @marckohlbrugge @rpish
@davidsfeng @rpish Good point on the resolution! I hadn't tested the site on a MacBook Air's resolution yet. We'll probably end up scaling down the header image anyway so that resolve it. I agree on the markets as well. I take it you're talking about these? They aren't related to the job listings (I can imagine the navigation makes it look that way), but yeah we should look into grouping them or making them searchable I think. Thanks for your input!