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I traveled, worked, studied and lived in 7 countries in the past 12 years. I have met many freelancers and startup founders on the road. The community of full time nomads is still quite small. Rougly 50k globally is my estimate. But the interest is there and it's growing. Many are still afraid to give it a shot but all it takes is a flight booking. I met the Betahaus co-founder Christoph Fahle in Bali last year and he asked me about the most amazing places that I lived and worked in the past. So I told him about Costa Rica and here we go - a year later, nice location booked, surf boards ready, co-working checked and we are off to work from Costa Rica for a whole month in November/December. Super excited about this. Drop me a line if there are any digital nomads in Central America around that time.
@ggeorgiev Are these fixed permanent locations?
@koomerang no they change throughout the year but some could repeat
@ggeorgiev nomad existence for a nomad working space. How appropriate.
Hey this is Christoph, one of the betahaus founders. I started the initiative to organize coworking camps because I felt it is the natural evolution of coworking, coliving and holidays. The value that everybody get's out of a 10 day intense program is so much higher than what yo could get out of a regular office week. People come to those camps with enough mind space to connect, get inspired and learn a lot in a very short time, because everybody is outside of his regular routines. Well, see yourself and join us in Costa Rica! ;)
This community makes it easy to find dream places to work and play at the same time. Really love the idea!
Super excited to have our product featured here! Together with my team we made camps in order to create remote communities, so it is more than just working at a beach, is being part of the global community and making the strong connections that counts. Right now we have Costa Rica comig up in november and we would love to have more Entreprenuers joining us. Current price is 800 euro for a 10days program + free coliving and coworking for one month! Also happy to hear your feedback, feel free to ping me directly at !