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EDIT: Will be going with the flow, get as much feedback and advice from you wonderful folks, and will keep you updated on the new stuff as we roll it out.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey guys, thank you for your response. I am the founder of Betafy. I really did not realize that we got submitted to product hunt. I think that this listing may be a little too premature. There are quite a few things are I am working on: Improving the UI, improving the backend algo to match startups with beta users and most importantly we are still a week or two away from piloting an improved SDK. Also we have had 60 startups who signed up via early access, and I am working with them to list them. Once they are there, and the SDK is scalable, we will be in a much better position for the exposure. What do you recommend I should do? Would it be a good idea to request the listing be removed for now? Or just go with the flow and get to interact with folks that are interested? Its just that I would like folks to not get a partial picture of the platform. Thanks Jeevan
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@fathomjeevan I would just go with the flow. The site may not be polished, but it's functional. You can always repost on Product Hunt for version 2.0.
@askdaylen Hey thanks, I have been having a separate conversation with Ben@product hunt as well, and this is his opinion as well. Thank you. Will be going with the flow.
Betafy helps startups maximize their beta by connecting them with relevant beta users, and by enabling the startup make sense of beta usage, to determine pivot points better.
Cool product. I can see this being useful for location-based solutions. Wonder if a startup can request beta testers by region, city, zip code, etc. ๐Ÿค”
@lindzora Hello Lindsay, yes that is the idea. Realized this early while talking to a delivery service app and a home security startup from the UK. Initially the algo will do the match up, but I am hoping to provide filters to a startup to be able to do this.
The idea is very cool , the site looks a bit weird but still if it works its ok! Will give it a try!
@tnsrig Thanks a lot. Yes, working thru the UI and we will be having update. Was wondering if you could elaborate on the weirdness, your feedback would help a lot :)
Great! I'll be curious to see what type of products are featured here ๐Ÿค”
@matthieudeluze I have been reaching out to Saas startups and B2C products as of now, because that is where I think I will be able to help most, atleast initially. But really any and all products are welcome. The backend algo should be able to do its best to help connect beta users. That said, I am working very closely with every startup that has signed up, to improve the content of their listing. I am also doing a deepdive of every startup that is listing, just so that I know what they need. Which is why I am listing one startup at a time.
@fathomjeevan Awesome! That's a great process to maintain great content ๐Ÿ‘ Might be a lot of work though, wish you courage and I'll keep sending more feedbacks while using it deeper.
@matthieudeluze thank you :) Yes, it is labor intensive, but immensely helpful (and fulfilling), getting to know startups personally is amazing, in addition to collecting relevant content. Will keep at it, and I look forward to you continued support and feedback.