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Betafish is a stock discovery mind map. Lookup trending companies or investment themes in our community or in your emails and get to know their operating ecosystems. Start with one stock, and discover many more!



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Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
Betafish is a stock discovery mind map. Research your favorite industry terms, companies and see what others are researching as well.
Cecil AngMaker@cecilang · Co-Founder, Betafish
@erictwillis thanks for hunting Betafish! Just want to add that this is no April Fools joke =)
Cecil AngMaker@cecilang · Co-Founder, Betafish
Hi Everyone! We are an invest tech startup in Mountain View. Our free stock discovery mindmap visualizes relationships among companies (e.g. Tesla's competitive landscape) and industry concepts (e.g. self-driving cars) so that you easily explore and collect stock ideas. Happy to answer any questions and thanks for taking a look!
J Vouros@itsjv · 8x3 Technology
@cecilang where is the data consolidated from ? This looks great and would be a great product to synch in China
Cecil AngMaker@cecilang · Co-Founder, Betafish
@itsjv thanks for the feedback! I'm glad that you like what you see =) we do a bunch of text-mining and web scraping to consolidate the data. China will be a great market to add to our database after we wrap up the US. Any suggestion on where to start?