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Beta Testers Hub is a network of early adopters signed up for the service. Startups can apply with an offer for their beta product or MVP, bringing the first batch of beta customers to their product. It's a great way to pitch your product to real customers and make it more appealing when applying to Product Hunt! For early adopters: try out innovative products and send feedback as an influential customer (being one of the first), getting additional exposure and premium access.
@no_fear_inc tempting to sign up myself for my app which is nearly at that stage, although cant find the FAQ that is referred to
@evilspyboy hey Andrew, just linked it - http://betatestershub.com/faq/ - let me know if you need to know anything else. It's work in progress, based on the feedback we receive here :)
@no_fear_inc probably should add in your faq about how this works with different types of releases.... I have one app which id run through testflight and need the device id for ios another is getting distributed for alpha through the play store so you have to join a google group before you get access to the download (for examples). The one id try through you would be my alpha (closed beta) but it has social parts to it so maybe this is a bit limiting in my case.... still tempted
@evilspyboy the process is fairly simple - if the product/service is testable, we send a newsletter with the new products/services (up to 5). Your pitch to the testers could explain the process, what do you need etc. Also, once a number of users join your system, you can contact them over and over for next iterations. You can resubmit if you want to reach out to more testers since our list grows with time.
@no_fear_inc Very cool, I think it could be a very valuable community. Just signed up for Braavoo which was hunted on PH last friday (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...) :-)
This is really cool! How do you source your testers? Do you segment them in any way?
@oprostrednik not yet, we just launched last Sunday - we will start regrouping them once we reach to a good number in our email list. Also, we will prepare case studies for some of the featured startups, but that's on the roadmap for now.
Love the idea @no_fear_inc and congratulations on the launch. I imagine that the eventual revenue model would be to charge startups for testing? Also, would love to chat with you about adding Beta Testers Hub to places we submit to for Startuplister.
@crixlet thanks Aaron. We believe in the freemium model. The revenue opportunities we see are more exposure to startup purchasing a premium plan - better startup overview or repetitive listing in the newsletter for paying startups. Also, if the revenue is decent, we will try to reward active and helpful testers that actually help startups with valuable feedback and feature suggestions. Ping me on Twitter and we can chat about Startuplister too.
Excited to use this soon myself and be a part of the early adopters for product testing!
@katoree happy to have you in our community :)