Beta Facebook Chat Bot

Play around with a beta version of Facebook chat bots

This product solves all the constantly irritating aspects of your social interactions by helping people figure out when to meet, suggesting where to hangout, and creating reminders for you. We’re investing in building an AI assistant that understands you: through natural speech and through context-aware actions. We're excited to build a smart, social assistant that can help you gain more control over your busy life. We would love all your suggestions and feedback. We’re working hard to make it smarter, faster, and more powerful. Add it to your slack groups or message it directly on FB.
@sudotong Let us know when this is out of private beta and open for our users to access :) looks awesome!
@bentossell It's open for access through Facebook for everyone, and available to the first 50 slack teams that sign up :)
From what I can tell this is USA only? It asked for my USA zip code. Great product though. How to you plan to move forward with this?
@davidsthinking Hi! Some of our features such as reminders are limited to the US but we're currently working on changing this. Everything else should work for non-US locations.
@davidsthinking Our plan is to continue to build an AI that enables every user to discover, coordinate, and accomplish tasks without opening other apps.
This looks very early-stage. Where are aiming for? A SIRI-like service?
@mmariansky It is very early-stage! We consider SIRI a competitor, but we're specifically interested in the social domain. We're looking to declutter social interactions and make using social media easier for everyone.
@sudotong very interesting. Can you give some examples?
@mmariansky Our first features will be centered around reminding, coordinating and scheduling with friends. We're still refining the direction that we move in after, but an example that you might be looking for could include being able to autonomously attempt to plan events based on past event frequency/preferences/participants.
Can't use in Europe. It asks in the beginning for my zipcode, and we've got none.
@liamtjoa We're working hard on supporting international users. Will ping you when it's ready :)
Hey, the assistant is pretty responsive. Here are a couple of queries - 1. Do you have plans to integrate with other services such as whatsapp/sms or only limited to FB and slack 2. Is it limited by geography currently? I am from Bangalore, India and it wasn't able to give me any restaurant suggestions or coordination efforts with my friends on FB. Although it did give me the weather (in fahrenheit). Maybe you could also make it local unit aware :) But overall, i quite liked the speediness of it
@theupsideguy Thanks for trying it out. To answer your queries: 1. We plan on integrating on other services, but we're currently focused on making the best experience for FB and Slack users 2. We are limited to just the US for now, but we are working hard to support international users. I'll send you a note when we have it working!