Bet on the Web

A podcast about the Open Web from the team at Ionic

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Bet on the Web is a podcast about the Open Web. Tune in to hear from the core Ionic team (you know and love), as well as other industry leaders as they examine important industry trends, share thought-leadership, and debate about the newest technology shaping the web platform landscape. Made by the team at Ionic!

  • Jeff Whelpley
    Jeff Whelpleyco-founder and CTO of GetHuman

    I have known Mike for years. He is hilarious and basically knows everything.


    Mike's beard

    Ionic is one of the best pieces of front end technology out there and they have always been strong advocates for the web. I love what they have been doing with framework recently and this podcast is super interesting.

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  • Cory McArthur
    Cory McArthurUX designer by day, developer by night

    Great focus on UX and delivering value to your customers/users.


    Perhaps it can be biased? But so am I :)

    Love the ionic team and all they do to contribute to the open source web! I can honestly say, Ionic has made me a better designer, developer, and product maker. Love the podcast - and I'm betting on the web.

    We at Sworkit have 3 apps (ios, android, and web) with one codebase (plus shared code between our apple TV app as well). All this because of Ionic and betting on the web.

    Cory McArthur has used this product for one month.
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Matt Netkow
Matt NetkowMaker@dotnetkow · Sr Product Evangelist for Ionic
Hey everyone! Betting on the web has long been our mantra at Ionic. Whether it’s our love for PWAs or web components, we’re continuing to double down on the web as we head into 2019. Doesn’t everyone have a podcast these days? Yes, but this one is different. Instead of yet another “Technology X Show”, we chat about a variety of topics through the lens of the Open Web. Expect to hear from the core Ionic team, as well as other industry leaders as we examine important industry trends, share thought-leadership ideas, and debate the latest technology shaping the web platform landscape.
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonHunter@mijustin · ⚡️
I found their latest episode on Hybrid app development interesting. Being able to use single codebase and build multiple apps (on different platforms) sounds like a big win. 👍
Paul Halliday
Paul Halliday@paul_halliday
Can’t wait to listen. Congrats to all involved!
Viktorya Ashughyan
Viktorya Ashughyan@viktorya_ashughyan · extraordinary