Tag your friends Anonymously

Positive Anonymity - Connecting Can Be Fun!

Besty is the new anonymous app that is using groundbreaking automation to maintain positivity in its community.

Teens & other users can set tagged posts to self-destruct & generate feedback in real-time. This is an anonymous app developed for iOS with Generation Z in mind!

Relax! You're undercover.

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Wait so you have friends that you connect with but you don't know when they interact with you?
@nickchuckwalter Hi Nick, Thanks for the comment - Friends have options to interact with you in real-time: "known" and "anonymously". You can also tag them or send undercover compliments to your crush or any of your other friends. ( positively and anonymously ). After all, telling someone how you really feel about them can be nerve-wracking. Better to do it under the guise of a self-destructing, limited-time tag post. You can tell anyone on your campus, or your circle, you name it.. what you are thinking – and never worry about awkwardness or rejection!
@maxwe11dezh ahhh gotcha. Cool stuff!
@nickchuckwalter Thank you Nick. Stay in touch buddy.