New generation voice competition

There are many famous artists in the world that we love to listen. But there are talented sounds waiting to be discovered, which we haven't even heard of name. Bestup has transformed voice competitions into an intimate and entertaining platform.
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Thatst it !! I found my best app 💪🏻
@furkan_sarac Wow! Thanks for your good feedback :) We are very happy to hear these thoughts :)
May the luck be with you guys!
@soner_guler1 Thank you! Soner 🚀
Thank you @leventask for hunting us. Today, we are very excited and glad to introduce a product that we’ve been working on for 1 year in front of the Product Hunt community. We have developed a friendly and fun mobile application that will enable easy and quickly discovery of talented voices that cannot be discovered. Bestup, the world's first and only, real money award-winning voice competition, is an interactive mobile application that reward both singers and users who vote. * Each user registered to the application is a jury. Those who upload the video performance he/she sing are competitor. * Submitted videos go through the approval phase. Approved videos are published in the pre-qualifying competition in the application. * Each jury adds his/her favorite voice to his/her team among these performances. The contestant who enters the team the most gets the right to go to the top round by passing the pre-qualifying. * The total jury money prize is distributed equally among the users who take the winning contestant to their team. * Contestants rising to the one top round are in the semi-finals and the contestants who have passed the semi-finals participate in the final contest. And get the opportunity to be discovered as the owner of awards such as making singles, making video clips, making a duet with a celebrity. We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
Great idea
@aslan_pilis Thanks for your opinion! :)
A really creative app for music lovers, I believe it will come to better places🙏
@incilay_keskinoglu Thanks for the good wishes Incilay 🚀