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Hey Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ Our team at The Mission have witnessed how much of an impact great podcasts have made in our own lives and our community of readers, so we've built BestPodcasts as a place to curate and discover the best podcasts, while also bringing discussion and community to the podcast listener community through our Weekly Digest - modeled after The Mission's daily newsletter of 400k+ readers. I'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and your favorite podcasts that have made an impact on you! πŸ˜€
@dylanbrendan hello Dyan! How do podcasters add their shows to BestPodcasts?
@apiazza Hey, Andre! Podcast suggestions can be submitted here πŸ‘‰:
@dylanbrendan cool! just submitted. Our podcast is in Portuguese, so I wonder if that's out of consideration.
@apiazza Sounds neat, but unfortunately, BestPodcasts only supports English at the moment.
Very Dope 🚬🚬 Finding good podcasts is hard. More and more are produced daily. It’s impossible to keep up.
@dredurr I agree! :) Thanks, Deandre!
@chad_grills @dylanbrendan Congrats on the launch! Been looking for a strong podcast directory for months. πŸš€
@juhaszhenderson Thanks, Matt! πŸ˜€ Let me know if you have any suggestions!
Look forward to testing! I switch to Android and have found Stitcher much more difficult for discovery than iTunes.
Cool stuff! What are the advantages comparing to Apple Podcasts ?
@evgeny_pavlov Thanks, Evgeny! πŸ˜€We've created BestPodcasts as a resource for discovering the best podcasts and creating discussion on them via our digest, not replacing Apple Podcasts or other podcast platforms - but creating a more community-driven way to discover and talk about the best podcasts around.