Bestfolios 2.0

Portfolio website and resume collection from best designers

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 20, 2018

Bestfolios 2.0 is a collection of best designer portfolio websites, resumes and design resources.

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An indispensable resource—I've shared this link hundreds of times to both seasoned and new designers particularly for its focus on UI/UX portfolios. Awesome to see Brian continuing to not only add portfolios on a consistent basis, but also make the site even more useful with resumes and design resources! Another piece of content that would be helpful (and hopefully not add a ton of work) would be interviews on how people got hired at their jobs ala Joel Califa's super popular articles: That would seriously make this the go-to resource for getting a UI/UX job.
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@moeamaya great advice Moe!
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Love this...sometimes I just need to see other people's great work (not to copy...) to get inspired. This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing.
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Love the design & content. These kinds of design resources are fantastically useful for us. We'd also love an example of great copy - I'm pretty sure I saw a startup on here which did such a thing.
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The resume section is great!
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Good list. The resource is good. Where can I read the details? I want to know more ... it became interesting. View project