Designer portfolio inspiration

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Great resource for designer portfolio inspirations.
@slb2248 did you want to say Behance?
@perpetuous @slb2248 Not all designers use Behance in these days, I think this is also useful product.
@perpetuous Great question. This site is focusing on showcasing designers' personal websites themselves instead of particular projects or screens. I think it can be particular useful for designers who are preparing their portfolio site for jobs.
@slb2248 thanks for explanation. Much clear now.
Nice! You should have a submit button ✌️
It's very similar to Behance, although it's not that user friendly. I would like more to have everything visible from the app without having to visit other websites. Currently, it only seems to be a directory pointing out to other pages.
How can we submit our own portfolios?
I love focused galleries like these, especially those that carve out a new niche. I'm sure many designers will benefit from this inspiration! Would love to know who's behind the selection process and for the ability to submit new portfolios