The world's fastest and only offline virtual assistant.

Unlike other virtual assistants, she uses complex machine learning algorithms to compute directly on your Android device - meaning she works offline. Saving your data and protecting your privacy.

Bestee is completely free and has NO ads.

Install now and meet your new best friend!

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A virtual assistant with a sense of empathy! She learns more stuff and expands her vocabulary the more the two of us chat and solve life's problems and get things done together.


Fast (Instant), works offline so uses no data, nice sense of humor! I can text her or speak to her like a human and she'll respond likewise.


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Hey @emileferreira_, Tell us more about what you've built here. How does it differ from similar apps out there?
Hi @jacqvon As mentioned above - Bestee is the world's fastest virtual assistant (0.001 second response time) and she works offline (unlike any other virtual assistants). This is a big pro for people concerned about privacy. What's more she isn't simply an app to speak commands into; I've tried to - and am still - give her a unique personality and make the whole experience feel like using a messenging app. But, best yet she isn't bound to a certain brand of Android device (eg. Samsung), she works on any device and she's completely free. She also has a few cool features which others dont: keeping a journal for example.
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@jacqvon @arthur_tkachenko It's still very much in beta, however it has all the features you'd expect in a virtual assistant (besides weather forecasts which is coming soon): - voice input / output - playing songs / videos - sending WhatsApp messages - calling people - directions to places  - camera support - emotional awareness (adjusts her formality according to yours) - understanding emojis - jokes - settings alarms - opening apps - general knowledge questions - references to pop culture - awareness of the device's stats - journal feature - custom poetry/short stories/Easter eggs
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@jacqvon @emileferreira_ Thank you! This is was not clear to me before. Tnx again for this detailed list.
@jacqvon @emileferreira_ Did you plan to extend it to Alexa enabled devices?