Automatically fix every Xcode misspelling on the web

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BestCode is a browser extension that corrects every misspelling of the word “Xcode”.

Do you, like us, want to bang your head against a wall every time someone writes XCode? xCode? X-code maybe? Then this browser extension is made for you! You can install it on Safari, Chrome and Firefox, and avoid traumatic brain injuries (walls hurt).

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Rob de la Cretaz
Rob de la Cretaz@robjdlc · Director, Iontank
The typo in the description above is really, I mean really special. "... misspelling of the *work* 'Xcode'"
Alexis Aubry
Alexis AubryMaker@leksantoine · iOS @ Wire + Student
@robjdlc Whoops, maybe we need a plugin for this...