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Instagram is all about engagement, and the algorithm continues to prioritise content that gets it fast! With the Best Time To Post On Instagram free tool by Hopper HQ, we calculate the perfect time to post on your Instagram Business account based on your follower activity and engagement rates, to skyrocket your posts to the top of people’s feeds.

  • Ganesh Babu
    Ganesh BabuArchitect, Designer

    Shows follower activity with a per hour level detail


    None so far

    What is the default time zone that is being used?

    Ganesh Babu has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Advanced analytics on previous posts, follower behaviour and likelihood of engagement.


    Nothing yet

    Really simple and easy tool that offers more than the Instagram analytics available in the app.

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Vardan Karapetyan
Vardan Karapetyan@vardankarapetyan · growth hacker and messenger bots expert
@albert_arshakyan check this out
Albert Arshakyan
Albert Arshakyan@albert_arshakyan · Digital Marketing and Gadgets 🚀
James Vardy
James VardyMaker@vardy · Co-founder, Turn Partners
Let us know if you learn something new using the Best Time To Post free tool here! Once you know your optimum time on Instagram for engagement, you can schedule your posts in advance for that time - feel free to ask me more!
Donatas Ranonis
Donatas Ranonis@donatas_ranonis · One step at a time
Love the idea as Instagram is becoming more and more popular and essential for the brand
Red Arrow
Red Arrow@crimson_cursor · Carmine archer
That's an awesome tool for business accounts. It's much easier for them to promote their business. Personally, I have a regular acc and I see that sometimes you get more views and likes at a certain time. I know people who ignore 'posting time rules' and just buy like like here to get their accounts promoted. That's definitely not a way to success.