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#1 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2016



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Enzo AvigoMaker@enzo_avigo · Build. Learn. Repeat.
Hey all, I gathered this collection of referral programs initially for an application. These great referral programs helped me a ton when putting together one my business case, hope you find them useful. My favorite deck has to be the Harry's one - not because of the content but because of the story surrounding it: Firstly because the founders searched 2 years about the shaving industry before pretending offering their customers a quality shaving experience at an affordable price. Second because I believe shaving industry is an insanely competitive and concentrated market - which Harry's brilliantly penetrated thanks to a referral program all about "credibility" . The full story about their referral programs is truly fascinating and worth a read (available on Tim Ferris website).
Davide Bonapersona@davbona · Co-founder & CTO, Feeligo
@enzo_avigo thanks for gathering all these! Besides their email invites, I quite liked Dropbox's "space race" when they got students to refer their classmates to compete with other schools/universities for points and collectively get as much free storage space as possible
Enzo AvigoMaker@enzo_avigo · Build. Learn. Repeat.
@davbona smart way to leverage a broad community indeed!
DAB MASTER@dabnations · Die Hard
@enzo_avigo hey 😄 I have an amazing product to showcase but I can't submit it 😏 would you mind helping me out. thanks in advance.
Daylen@askdaylen · Student and Wikipedian in Vancouver
@enzo_avigo TrackR has a great referral program (
Enzo AvigoMaker@enzo_avigo · Build. Learn. Repeat.
@dabnations you can DM me on twitter 😉 >@0zne
Adrien MontcoudiolHunter@adrienm · Mobile growth consultant
Hi guys! Here's a collection useful for anyone interested in growth through well crafted referral programs 📮 It’s a great source of inspiration on different kinds of strategies (free or paid) that shows both the sender side & receiver side, which helps to get the whole funnel. + It's built by a member of the Mangrove community: @enzo_avigo 🙌
Mike Jirout@mjirout · Founder - Ship Mate
This is a good in-depth look at the referral programs for these 15 companies. We launched a product on PH a couple months ago also showing the benefits to both sides as well. It's less detailed, but we have over 300 company referral programs. You can see more here if interested:
Enzo AvigoMaker@enzo_avigo · Build. Learn. Repeat.
Cool project @mjirout! Interesting way to remove the friction of actually sending the referral ;)
Mike Jirout@mjirout · Founder - Ship Mate
Thanks, @enzo_avigo - best of luck and let me know if we can help in any way.
VipulSHARMA@vipulonboard · Co-Founder at
@enzo_avigo great resource put together .
Enzo AvigoMaker@enzo_avigo · Build. Learn. Repeat.
@vipulonboard glad you like it!
Quentin Lechemia@quentinlechemia · CEO
Great list @enzo_navigo! Thanks for sharing with us 🙌
Enzo AvigoMaker@enzo_avigo · Build. Learn. Repeat.
🙌 @quentinlechemia and nicely done with SocialWall