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Hey everyone, I’m excited to share this ebook with you! While there are plenty of useful resources for PMs, the resource management aspect often seems to be overlooked. That’s why, having worked on dozens of projects, we decided to write down some of the best practices that proved effective for us in the past. Who is this ebook for? The title of this ebook reads “Resource Management for Project Managers” so it’s natural that you might think: “I’m not a project manager. This book is not for me then?” As it turns out, it is. Truth be told, we created this book with IT Project Managers in mind and initially recommended it just for the PMs. We started getting feedback from people working in other roles, that they also found this book useful. Effective resource planning and management is important for founders, sales people or marketing managers who run projects of their own. This is a guide for team leaders who want to learn: how to estimate and plan the work? how to lead the team on different stages of the project? how to manage virtual teams? how to build a strong team culture? how to choose a resource management software? Hope the ebook will help you guide your team with more confidence. Enjoy!
I am no resource I am a person :) This is so wrong :(
@bogomep Hi Bogomil! I totally get your perspective. We wanted to gather the best practices of managing projects with people in mind (we also mention non-human resources, hence the title). I think we agree that creating a people-first culture is a crucial thing (and we also emphasise that in the ebook). Hope it clears it out a bit!