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Thanks for hunting us, Ben! Hi everyone, We are avid podcast listeners and we've always been surprised that there aren't any good recommenders out there, so we built one. Just tell it some of your favorite podcasts (at least 3) and it'll recommend podcasts based previous users most similar to you. Right now the product is pretty bare-bone. we plan to keep working on it and launch some cool new features. We'd love to hear if you guys have any thoughts or feature requests before we trudge ahead. We’ll be hanging around and happy to answer any questions. Cheers, Ramón
@ramonrecuero Hey, I'm new to product hunt, so not sure if I'm doing this right... Is it okay if I post up about this cool podcast that heard about: Millionaire Interviews ( Heard the host is super cool & that he has really smart guests on the show 😉. Cheers, Austin.
I don't know about other people but as I'm not an obsessed podcast listener I often get stuck when trying to find new shows or episodes to listen to when I do want to dive in. This little recommendation engine is quite cool
@bentossell Thank you Ben. let us know any suggestions you may have
@bentossell hi Ben, thanks for hunting us, glad you found it useful :)
this is nice. I gave it three very different podcasts and it suggested a fourth that I already listen to. Impressed that it could do that. However, when I clicked on the link of a second recommended podcast it took me to the iTunes page. Not going to work for us android users.
@bryan_mitchell_young thanks for the feedback Bryan. It's super early stage (we had no idea it was going to get hunted already) and we definitely have some polishing up to do. Glad it found some potentially interesting podcasts for ya!
No Agenda Show doesn't show up.
@scottpenton Our list is not complete by any means. It will be added really soon. Thanks for the feedback Scott
Just an FYI, your cert is expired...