An unofficial tribute site where you can discover products posted to Product Hunt in 2019 that gained the most votes each day displayed in a handy calendar view.
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Well done, this is great! 🔥
Co-founder of Scrimba
A neat site where you can quickly find the most popular products on PH in 2019.
Explore Develop Create 🙌
Love it. Clean, simple and a great resource to look back on 2019! Upvoted!
Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer
Awesome! I always ask why does Product Hunt don't have an integrated section or tool like this so we can find out the best products of every week and end every month for every year?
Daniel Butler
Designer turned startup founder
Thanks Per! Wondering which month had the most weekly or monthly winners? The site lets you drill down and dig beneath the surface of this great platform. I'd long been waiting for a way to easily discover the most loved products over the year. With the beauty of Webflow and Figma and API scripting magic ✨from @frode_jensen I decided to make it a passion project the past month. Please note that the entries are not auto updated dynamically so a post's votes count will be from the date I added it to the CMS.
Karthik SekarSenior Fullstack Developer
@frode_jensen @dnlbtlr This is cool! Would love to see updates of this. It'll be great if there's a filter by category.
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