Best of Machine Learning

A collection of the best resources in Machine Learning & AI

#2 Product of the DayMarch 24, 2019
Best of Machine Learning is a collection of helpful resources when it comes to learning and staying updated on all things related to Machine Learning. The open-source project is open for Pull Requests and was recently featured on the HackerNews frontpage.
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Hey all! I built this product on a lazy evening a few weeks ago. Since then it got to the front page of HackerNews and people added their own favourite resources to the site. There are a lot of people looking for the best courses, books, papers, ... in Machine Learning, so it only makes sense to put them together in one central site. The project is open-source and we're open for PRs! If you're interested in ML and have some resources to share, don't hesitate to open a Pull Request at
this is amazing! what are your thoughts on adding precursor materials, like intro into linear algebra & stats; it can be a hub where anyone can go from 0->1
Looks like a very cool initiative! Well done! I've seen a similar one before, though. It's called AI Valley and you can check it out here: (please note that I've got no affiliation with them and I'm only sharing this with you for information and knowledge sharing purposes). Enjoy!
all the good stuff! great job dom :)
Looks great Dominic! Love seeing all the resources you're building out for the ML community. Do you have a roadmap or next steps in mind for this particular project?
@layon_overwhale Not really, as I said, this was built super, super quickly because I got many requests on which books, courses, ... to try. I would like this to become the go-to resource if somebody is asking for recommendations for new books, courses or projects to check out.