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#4 Product of the DayNovember 22, 2019
It's been an amazing decade for memes. They've become a core part of our culture. Now we're calling on the internet to help decide the BEST meme of the 2010s. Round one voting is now open!
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So small images while voting! good one
@raulrocawabe It's boomer proof ;-)
The UX is frustrating and unusable!
Wuddup Product Hunt. I love memes. With the 2010s coming to an end I want to find the best meme that's blessed our feeds and warmed our hearts. It's like a playoff style voting approach, decided by you, the people. I would've called it meme madness but I didn't want the NCAA to sue me. I sorted through 500+ memes and narrowed the list to ~120. I expect people to throw a fit about their favorite memes missing, so I'll create a wild card round for them :-) I'll try my gosh darn best to respond to everyone using memes. Many thanks, keep it dank.
@armand I absolutely loved it. Sometimes the choice is really hard. Question: are memes in batches randomized?
@aleksandr_betra Sorry for the late responce, I was in China for vacay! Yes, it was randomized with slight edits. I wish I took more time to create a better rank-base grouping system. I knew this wasn't perfect but aim to solve it in the wild card/round 2 voting. By the way, there was an uptick in traffic and ProductHunt engagement 9 days ago.. do you remember how you heard of this hunt?
@armand my colleague shared this hunt with me. I also saw it in a newsletter from product hunt.
@aleksandr_betra Awesome! Thanks for letting me know