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#5 Product of the DayJune 18, 2018

Email is a powerful tool. Everybody in the world has an email address & you can get in touch with them. I developed these email scripts from years of practice and cold emailing. They took me from being a nobody who grew up without an impressive network in rural Pennsylvania to getting coffee with my billionaire mentors & intellectual heroes.

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Zak Slayback
Zak SlaybackMaker@slayback · Career Expert. | Mktg @ 1517 Fund
Knowing how to send an email that is clear and easy to reply to does wonders for your career -- especially early on when you don't know many people. But most people have to learn this the hard way. I did. I spent years emailing thousands of Very Busy People. I emailed entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, journalists, and people working at schools, Fortune 50 companies, and huge nonprofits. A lot of the scripts out there weren't very good. So I developed my own. The core scripts on are the ones that I came back to time and again. As I shared my scripts with my friends and family, more people wanted to use them. So I made them available for you for free at Even more, I want to be able to give you more scripts that work, that help you grow your network, and help you get email replies -- so we built in an option for you to REQUEST NEW SCRIPTS. Need an email to send to a busy investor, a journalist, or a long-lost friend? Let me know and my team will craft you a script that works. I've taught these scripts to my one-on-one clients and I've used them to get positive replies from: > World-famous investors. > Journalists at major publications like Entrepreneur Magazine and Fast Company. > Serial entrepreneurs. > Established and very busy authors. These scripts are not designed to be "persuasive" -- they're designed to work. They're designed to be easy to reply to and easy to understand. THAT is a shift that will dramatically improve your open and reply rates on your emails.
Davis Baer
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
Hey Zak, would be nice to see a couple sample scripts to get a taste. I bet your signup conversion rate would be way higher if so.
Zak Slayback
Zak SlaybackMaker@slayback · Career Expert. | Mktg @ 1517 Fund
@daviswbaer Thanks, Davis! We'll look at adding something like that soon.
Hugo Villain
Hugo Villain@hypervillain · Product, Poetry
I just downloaded some scripts but am really concerned with your promotional tagline at the end of the script page. "Start actually getting replies." feels to me like these current scripts WON'T get me a reply, which should be their sole purpose
Zak Slayback
Zak SlaybackMaker@slayback · Career Expert. | Mktg @ 1517 Fund
@hypervillain Hey Hugo, thanks for the feedback - it's meant to say that these scripts will be those that do actually get you replies. We'll take a look at the copy!
Rishi Patel
Rishi Patel@rishi_patel · Founder, VIVE Hangover Prevention
Awesome concept and scripts look great!
Zak Slayback
Zak SlaybackMaker@slayback · Career Expert. | Mktg @ 1517 Fund
@rishi_patel Thanks, Rishi!
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