Best Coffee Guide

Location enabled app guide to the best cafés in the world

Best Coffee Guide is the leading guide to specialty coffee. Use it to find better cafés wherever you are and filter for what you like (wifi, filter coffee, non-dairy, beans for sale). Curated/edited content, user ratings, open/closed filters.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
The best coffee app I have ever used to find high-quality coffee! The app never let me down on searching for the explicit high-quality coffee that fit my requirement. Personally, I love the "filters" function which helps me find whichever kind of coffee that fits my mood of the day, from 'Cold Brew' to 'Filter coffee,' and the search result always amaze me. So lovely!
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Nothing else really


Visually great. Shops are all consistent


Sometimes hard to find new cities

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Worked with a tech team for a location based app myself, I can understand it takes time to update. But I have always been thinking sometimes it's good to take a portable coffee maker myself.
Nice! @kdobson What cities are focusing on? How are you managing the content? I saw a few reviews about your pricing - What's the plan? What's your thought process behind it?
@latifbaluch1 👋 thanks! The app evolved from a London-only app (same bundle ID, brand new app) so we have very good coverage in the UK/London. Our NY coverage is also very good so we want to become a go-to app for New Yorkers/visitors. The idea is to comprehensively cover every major coffee city and then everything in between (currently ~1700 coffee shops, most of them visited by a journalist). We have a hand-rolled CMS to manage the content and allow journalists to contribute. The app we evolved from was a pay-up-front model, where now we're free to use with new, premium features. We've really tried our best to grandfather the original purchasers (automated granting of free year of premium, copy/messaging, outreach) but unfortunately couldn't please everyone which painfully comes out in the reviews!! The always-free version allows discovery wherever you find yourself (e.g. nearest places), with the subscription ($2.99 year) supporting location search/city switching etc - good for travellers and people planning trips.
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What about tea drinkers?
@jonasalmut There is a search filter for `Loose Leaf Tea` which might suit two people trying to meet in one place with two preferences!