Best Buddies

Find out who likes your photos the most on Instagram

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It sounds like a great idea but I'm getting the following: {"code": 403, "error_type": "OAuthForbiddenException", "error_message": "You are not a sandbox user of this client"}
@liam_bowers Yeah, Instagram API changes :( I'll resubmit it, but not sure that it'll meet the new API guidelines.
I like this recent surge of IG analytics. It's an important tool to a growing community that does marketing there.
@moravtchik Agreed, I think it's fascinating to see for Instagram and elsewhere. I've written scripts for myself before just to see more stats than what the networks normally provide.
"Share or add your email to get the full list of results!" That's such a bait and switch. I already gave you my trust by handing over OAuth access, now you want more of my data instead of holding up your end of the deal. This is not ok and we should discourage this kind of behavior. It's a marketing website for your main product and you already had my attention, but then you forfeited it.
@parasight A fair point -- you must have seen the initial version before it was removed.
@tylerpearson Cheers, Tyler. 👍
This could lead to some delightful or awkward realizations. 😊 Here are my results: P.S. Likecreeper is still one of my favorite Instagram apps. So troll.
@rrhoover Hahah yep. A comment from testing: "Hey, why's your ex-girlfriend liking all your photos still?"
Not sure if it's just me, but this webapp does not work. Maybe it's PH overloaded, but at this point it seems like a weird ad for a competing service.
@dshaw_ Sorry about that, I was busy with the day job and didn't realize how much traffic this was getting. Cranked up the servers and changed a few things, so the queue should be cleared out soon.
@tylerpearson No problem; I appreciate the response!