Best Articles of Medium in 2015

A Collection of the most rec. articles of 116 writers.

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Hi, after receiving so many requests from our earlier project related to a listing of top recommended stories in Medium, we wanted to present you this e-book: Most recommended and permitted articles of Medium in 2015. There are 190 stories in the free e-book which is written by 116 authors including Ryan Hoover, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jason Fried, Stewart Butterfield, DHH, Tobias van Schneider, Dave Pell, Philip Kaplan... Hope you like it and ready to hear your comments.
@leventask how did you get permission from each author to include their works in this book?
@chrismessina Through a Google Form, Twitter(mention or DM) or mailing. :)
Thank you so much for sharing this. I enjoyed this a lot.
Thanks for including my piece! I'm looking forward to checking out the rest. Keep at it.
@ryansheffer you're welcome Ryan. :)
Thanks again Levent for including my article in this. You did a great job! :)
@de Thanks Dan. We did it together. :)
I enjoyed reading some of the articles very very much, thanx