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Hey Product Hunt! is the culmination of my years of being a designer and developer online. It's a growing collection of my favorite tools and resources. It's also my last product shipped before my 18th birthday on the 2nd! ✨
More coming soon... 🤔
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We've all had that one tool, app, or site that we're legitimately impressed by. It's helped improve our workflows, cut time off everyday tasks, provided access to insights typically unseen, or impacted us in a profound way. I've been on the chase for these for years. Ever since starting my career in programming on Khan Academy's JavaScript course in 2012, I've been drawn to these utilities. I created resources in basic JavaScript for other users and tried to help others. It's now been over 8 years (how?!) and my library of these utilities has only grown. I'm very excited to introduce Best v1.0 and follow my original goal of helping others. Of course, this is the first version, and there's so much to come. If there's something that's evicted the same feelings in you and that you feel deserves the spotlight, please let me know through Twitter @.brendanhersh. Thank you! (* ^ ω ^) ❤
Notion is a great productivity tool, but not strong in its privacy policy. John Fastman can explain it better than I can here: If this truly is a privacy-oriented list, I don’t think Notion should be listed, unfortunately.
@hiramfromthechi Thanks for the info Hiram. I'll take a closer look into this and see what to do.