A super simple free tool for dynamically changing content

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Founder here. Thanks @bramk ! We made Bespoke because we found the 'dynamic text insertion' tool on Unbounce really useful but we wanted to be able to do this on any site. Not just an Unbounce landing page. So Bespoke was born. I love the simplicity. We're going to be adding a few cool features in the coming weeks so stay tuned for them!
@lukekndy @bramk Absolutely awesome! This hunt came up within minutes of me getting Luke's email that Bespoke is live. Can't wait to see what other features you are working on.
@kartikparija @bramk Thanks man - really hope it's useful for you.
This is really cool and you just need to implement 1 line of code. "Create a tailored landing page for each visitor by inserting the keyword that brought them to your site." What cool things can you do when you have the ability to dynamically insert content with the URL? Here’s a couple of cool examples showing how I’m using Bespoke in some Fun ways. Maybe @lukekndy can answer some Q's?
So I'm watching what punchlines you guys are writing on the homepage via analytics. This is my favourite so far:
@jurezove There's also so many rude punchlines I can't repeat!
...and it turns out 'Your mum' is a popular punchline. Humanity is in safe hands