A new co highlighting LatinX & underrepresented communities

Bese is a new media platform that represents communities that have been left out of mainstream discourse for too long. Our mission is to broaden and reshape popular narratives by celebrating the untold stories of today’s changing America.

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Suzy Ryoo
Atom Factory & Cross Culture Ventures
This is a new media platform highlighting stories of inspirational humans from underrepresented communities. I'm excited to dive into the content pieces that are live now. Have enjoyed watching Zoe Saldana in the movies since Center Stage! She's incredibly talented and we've seen that on the big screens in recent years with Avatar, Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy. Beyond Hollywood blockbusters, it's so welcome to see her (and other women like Reese Witherspoon w/ Hello Sunshine) putting her voice and influence behind deserving & meaningful stories that might not otherwise have a shot at being told.
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Finally - a premimum digital platform focused on shining a light on the Latinx community!


Amazing Content


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Sunny MurthyBiochemsitry & Marketing, Virginia Tech
Excited to see the content from this! Much love to you all for giving a voice to more people