Donate $3 to Bernie Sanders on behalf of three friends

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This is awesome. #StopTheGOP #FeelTheBern
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@to Thank you very much :)
Jared Wright (@jawerty), Carter Henderson (@carterh052), and I have been working on a donate-it-forward platform to support the #Sanders2016 political revolution called #BernItForward. The idea is simple: you donate $3 to the Bernie Sanders campaign on behalf of three friends. We launched the project after the #DemDebate last night. How #BernItForward works 1. Tag 3 Twitter friends 2. Donate $3 directly to the Sanders 2016 campaign via ActBlue on behalf of your friends The tweet you post looks like this: "I'm donating $3 to @BernieSanders on behalf of @KillerMike, @ShaunKing, @CornelWest - #BernItForward Now: http://bernitforward.com" 3. Your friend's faces get added to the Faces of The Revolution on the homepage and then they can add more friends to #BernItForward And if you want to be added to The Revolution, ask your friends to donate and tag you! If you're interested in volunteering or have any questions comment below or send us an email: revolution@bernitforward.com. With gratitude and in solidarity, Chris, Jared, and Carter #BernItForward
@chrisbarrett @jawerty, flawless execution! I'm extremely happy to see members of our community being activists in our country's time of need. You will forever have my support in this campaign. Cheers.
Thank you, @sethlouey. Thank you supporting! #BernItForward
@chrisbarrett This is awesome. Could be a whole new fund raising platform for startups for sure!
Best tweet so far from my coworker, @brkattk https://twitter.com/brkattk/stat...
Anyone down to team-tackle this list: https://berniesanders.com/artists/ Let's donate in their names to try to get this to spread.
@hameto_ I donated on behalf of Ben Cohen and Killer Mike and they both retweeted my donations.
I love this! It would be awesome if this could be integrated with other social media platforms like Facebook πŸ‘πŸ»