Berminal is a live crypto news platform with a team of multilingual journalists creating and curating content with a governance protocol and utility token (BERM). Earn the token by downloading the app, voting, and playing Crypto Psychic: an in-app bitcoin price prediction game.

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I have used this app in the past couple of months and it has always been reliable and timely. It is now a fav of mine whenever I want to decide which coin to buy, HODL or sell.


Excellent interface for getting cryptocurrency news and prices


None at the moment.

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Good,always update about crypto news link from maybe 20 news source,this apps udate news every minutes,its help me to be good trader
@david_maykel We built the app with traders in mind. The website also features Candlestick charts supplied by TradingView so you can get a better sense of price action. Thanks for the note David!
Hey all, I love this product, but I think it'd be super neat if you guys integrated more interaction on the platform!
Great app. Phenomenal marketing too. Reminds me of binance.... came out of nowhere, wrote it off, then the devs started delivery massively. This is now my go-to app for all crypto news. It does a great job at aggregating the freshest newest crypto news, with no bias. I will see an article explaining why xrp is fundamentally strong then right under that article I will see an article bashing xrp. Truly a must have platform for crypto enthusiasts and noobs alike. Thanks
@joeyp978 Thanks so much Joey! Means a lot that you like using the app so much.
@joeyp978 I completely agree. I use Terminal because the product tends to gravitate towards impartiality

Berminal is a great place for getting crypto news. Articles are all substance with very little fluff pieces which is great when you don't have too much time. Breaking news notifications are timely and selective.


- Timely notifications for big + breaking news

- Top Gainers / Losers is great for keeping pulse on the ecosystem