Social and dating app for the gay community

Berkey is a new app for the gay community to connect in a meaningful way. It allows users to post, view and respond to nearby invites. If mutually interested the app will allow users to chat.

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Ohh gosh, so needed. Best of luck to the makers
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I love the design of the app and the whole concept (you show interest in doing a specific activity with another person, you already have the date part taken care of~) But only for iOS :) Android is so often forgotten, it's a shame. Also, not sure whom exactly this is meant for? The first screenshot says "connect with other GUYS" but the description says "connect with nearby gay, bi, trans and queer users" without mentioning gender....
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@anna_0x thanks for the feedback Anna, android is coming soon just need to finalise a few things :) the app is built for the gay community but I agree I should make it a bit more clear.
@rick_chen1 cool :) You know, without context, I'd understand "gay community" to be everyone, not just males, but in the context of the app's screenshots, I'm assuming you mean males.
@anna_0x the app is open for all LGBT community, altho I did start from the gay males because of I am familiar with them. But it is widely open for all. and btw, android now available at
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Awesome concept and design. Unique alternative to current apps 🔥
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This is SO needed! I've had so many conversations with people about the lack of LBTQ apps for making new friends and networking.
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Android :(
@limayeltsin coming soon, just finalise a few things :)
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