Beoplay E8

Bang & Olufsen's first truly wireless earphones

Superior sound. Intuitive touch control. Seamless charging. Perfect fit. Wireless made beautifully easy.

Beoplay E8 resembles a piece of jewellery, but houses frontier engineering power. This gem-sized product features advanced computing power to make sure sound gets to you perfectly from your phone to your ears. Wirelessly.

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6 Reviews1.0/5
Did Bragi make those for them?
Very cool product. How long does it take to fully recharge the earphones once they are dead?
@rmagrino I'll find out!
Are they also noise cancelling?
One of my favourite announcements from Bang & Olfusen's Beoplay range. Excited to try these and compare to my AirPods.
@brock1 Almost regretted buying my AirPods after seeing this, but then I saw "$399" and "mid-October" and thought, meh, still worth having AirPods now.
@joshuapinter Same! The H5s were the only BeoPlay thing I could compare them to at the time, and I hated the wired charger dock. But with the E8 in black and having better sound, I could be tempted in future years for the next model.


good sound


BeoPlay doesn't know how to do interaction design (the touch controls on the H7 absolutley BLOW) and are over-priced. Apple does it better