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Since getting the H7's for Xmas I'm becoming quite a Bang & Olufsen convert. I love their design and attention to detail. I have Bose wireless speakers atm but I'd consider BeoPlay next time I'm due a new set.
@bentossell I've been a fan for a while but so far haven't decided to stretch to buy any of their products. How do the H7's perform, as I have been tempted by them on a fair few occasions.
@se4nn I really like them! I'm not a big headphone geek so technical spec isnt my focus. They look awesome, design is really nice Can wear them all day with comfort. Sound great. Great battery life. I recommend :)
@bentossell great to hear, I may invest for my long commute then :)
I'm a huge fan of Bang & Olufsen. I currently own the Beolit 15, BeoPlay H8, and the BeoPlay A9. All of the products sound phenomenal and the design is second to none in my opinion. I have been a little disappointed with the reliability of their apps. Specifically the remote for the A9, It's very glitchy and drops connection frequently. Even with the glitchy app, I would highly recommend each of the products I own.