BentoStack Charge

Bento Stack with a built in wireless charger for iPhone.

Function101’s BentoStack Charge takes organization and mobile productivity to a higher level with its next generation BentoStack Apple Accessory Organizer. Integrating a Qi-wireless charger and 5000mAh power bank into the Top Cover of the BentoStack, users now have one solution to stay organized and charged, both on the road and on their workspace.

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Looks interesting! Would be nice for traveling - curious, how much does this box weigh?
@zelena HI Elena! With the battery charge cover, Bentostack Charge weighs 1.125 lbs. It is also modular so if you do not need both storage compartments, you can lighten the load and take the charge cover and one compartment. We are offering a Product Hunt Discount of 25% off your order with the promo code PH25 on htttps://
Does this fit the 87W 15" MacBook Pro charger as well?
@alekplay Hi there and great question!​ It sure does. The 87W sits in the bottom compartment. It was designed specifically to fit this adapter!
@mike_smart Shipping is quite stiff at $10, but I got it. Looking forward to cleaning up the cable mess in my backpack!
@alekplay Thanks for the support and hope you enjoy it. Would love your feedback once you had a chance to put it to use!
How much this cost?
@babken_karapetyan Hi there Babken. It costs $99.95 but we have a promo code of PH25 which gives you 25% off your order. Thank you for the support!
where can I order?
@david_sanchez3 you can order at and use the promo code PH25 to get 25% off your order!
Very useful thing! Thank you, idea-generator😊
Where and for which price you plan to sale it?
@karine_darbinyan The complete BentoStack Charge is $99.95 at and we have a 25% coupon code with PH25 for Product Hunters!
@karine_darbinyan Thank you Karine!