Benjamin Button

The world's first smart camera for families

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Amazing work has been done here. Very well done.
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Looking forward to this.
I backed the Narrative Clip and used it for a bit. Got some interesting photos and videos out of hikes and weddings and stuff. Really sad to see them shut it down. Can't help but be cautious about this having the same fate.
@joshuapinter we were following and using Narrative ourselves, I share the regret. However, based on our user testing we believe that our solution has several differences and the family use case really solves a problem and makes life of parents easier - especially the automatic video editing feature.
This looks great! As a little object clipped to my kids, I really want to hold this in my hand and feel its weight and material. What physical prototyping did you do, and did you try other materials or shapes? It seems like something whose success would really depend on it being an object I'm happy to pick up and touch. I'm imagining milled wood, or 3D printed custom shells.
@jringenberg I totally get your point. To see our current state of development, you can check our prototype gallery on Kickstarter: - The device weighs 60 grams and the casing will be made of BPA-free plastic, IP 66. At this point we are using 3D printing to test our prototypes and record the videos that you can see in our youtube channel or in the most recent media coverage by Mashable - _ Milled wood sounds fantastic, but the first generation of the product will stay with this "conventional" solution, to be child-friendly and meet the IP standard. Thanks for the question!
@lpkova Awesome - that's great to see!
Cool concept, similar to what the Narrative Clip tried to create, but focused on kids and family. The colorful cameras are waterproof, and come with an app that helps you pick and edit the best moments. It also de-activates the wi-fi when it's worn for safety. 📶
@anthilemoon Remind me of the Narrative clip as well, it is a shame that Narrative clip has basically ceased to exist (at least not selling new unit) and most of its competitor in this industry are either busted or didn't even make it to production.
@jimbb unlike today on the market present life-logging cameras Benjamin is the only camera that you can put on your child. We really believe that in combination with digital platform for editing and sharing family video the product finds it way to households.