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Beneath makes premium undershirts which were designed by a former Lululemon designer. Engineered with our ‘Wash-to-Fit’ technology, we guarantee a perfect fit after every wash. Made from 100% premium combed cotton fabric, Beneath shirts feel light, smooth and amazing on your skin. Simply put, it’s the best undershirt you’ve ever worn.

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Greg Schwartz
Building consumer products online
Hey Product Hunt! For years I've been working to craft the best undershirt on the market. Previously, I launched an undershirt company, and was so focused on price point that I could not get the manufacturing consistency to where it needed to be to produce a truly amazing product. Still, I kept at it. There were so many generic options out there, and they just didn't cut it for me or anyone I know. I worked hard to find a proven designer, the right factory, and the right team around the product to produce an amazing product. I think we're finally there. As for the product came down to three main features: 1. Fitting after you wash it. Every time. 2. Not being too thick, too thin, or too boxy. 3. Being long enough to stay tucked in. With Beneath, we combined these features with a premium combed cotton fabric to create the best undershirt you will ever wear. Right now (and we're not sure how long), you can get started with Beneath for just $1! The team and I are happy to answer any questions. Best, Greg
Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
@gregmschwartz what's the main differences between an undershirt and a tshirt? and do you plan on bringing back black shirts, like with Stork?
I could legit use this
Michael Lisovetsky
Founder @JUICELabsNYC.
@dustin_danesi Check out a trial! They're only a dollar.
@_liso_ which is awesome... need a 3x option though.
Love the concept, can't wait to get mine!
AndrewI'm Andy



Super comfortable



This is so giftable!
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