Bendigo Banking App

Internet Banking. Designed for now.

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One of the cool things (see - They're using Rails behind to scenes, and one of many very awesome tech teams here in Melbourne, Australia. I *love* the fact they gave a fully featured (well, minus spending money) demo mode in the app so people who aren't customers of Bendigo Bank can try it out on their phone. Congrats to the whole team on shipping!
@sutto I really love this design: But also totally agree with you about the demo and definitely haven't seen anything like it before for banking.
Hi, I'm one of the developers from Ferocia. We just had our big launch yesterday and are really excited to get some feedback from customers and anybody who checks out the demo. Make sure you go to and try it for yourself.
@levibuzolic Ahh yes, I forgot to put the demo link too :)
This is absolutely beautiful. Love it. The partially exposed side navigation feels great, and the demo for non-bendigo customers is a brilliant feature.
@brockkenzler Agreed! I was a little skeptical looking at the screenshots on the site, but trying the demo swung me into full "I wanna switch to Bendigo Bank" mode… Nice work @levibuzolic & Ferocia!