BenchMade Modern

By-the-inch custom sofas, made in the U.S. in 24 hours

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Edgar Blazona
@edgarblazona · Founder, BenchMade Modern, TrueModern
Well thats a bit of the secret sauce but basically we use technology mixed with old school upholstery techniques. Of course I can't tell you exactly how we do it but what I can tell you is we are doing it here in the US to save a ton of time, using solid hardwoods in our frames, great foams (almost commercial grade) and reasonably priced fabrics. Those other… See more
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@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
BenchMade Modern makes you a custom sofa--down the inch--in 24 hours. It's f@#$king insane, magic..... for under $2,000. We had to buy some custom sofas a couple of years ago when I lived in LA and they cost, literally, 4-5x Benchmade's product.... and they took months to deliver! I met Edgar Blazona randomly at a restaurant when another founder of a… See more
Mitch Williams
@mwilliams09 · CEO, Weckey Inc.
Looks amazing... I wish this existed six months ago! I know where we'll be going next time we're in the market for a sofa.
Ezra Galston
@ezramogee · Senior Associate, Chicago Ventures
This is pretty darn impressive, I must admit - love Jason's enthusiasm. At the same time, it seems kind of lousy to lose so much efficiency by then throwing the sofa on a freight truck and waiting around for that white glove delivery to hopefully show up. Is there any way to expedite the process or do you think you'll have manufacturing centers across the co… See more
Daniel Mirolli
@ddmirolli · Strategy @SimFinOfficial
Watched these guys via the Launch Conference Live Stream and was so impressed. High quality machining, exact specifications, top quality materials AND that delivery time!?! All that's left is drone delivery! Might have to use these guys when I switch apartments
Ouriel Ohayon
@ourielohayon · appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
love it. i wish it was there before i arrived in the USA...