BenchMade Modern

By-the-inch custom sofas, made in the U.S. in 24 hours

#4 Product of the DayJuly 30, 2015
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BenchMade Modern makes you a custom sofa--down the inch--in 24 hours. It's f@#$king insane, magic..... for under $2,000. We had to buy some custom sofas a couple of years ago when I lived in LA and they cost, literally, 4-5x Benchmade's product.... and they took months to deliver! I met Edgar Blazona randomly at a restaurant when another founder of a startup mistook him for me, and when I asked him what he was working on I immediately asked if I could invest!!! (I didn't invest in my lunch date... randomness huh?). He's a great entrepreneur and longtime furniture designer. Michael Birch and Ted Rheingold are also investors, and I'm hoping now that the product is out a couple of my good friends will join us on this adventure!
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@jason thanks for sharing. Founder Edgar Blazona here. Having been in the furniture industry all my life, I realized what a hassle it was to buy a sofa. People hate the experience and no one ever has anything positive to say — it always takes too long, it’s not the right size or color…So I created BenchMade Modern to make the sofa shopping experience fun and customizable. You can make your sofa the exact size you want it, right down to the inch, and have it made right here in the USA in 24 hours. If you want to check the size before you purchase, we can mail you a full-scale drawing of the sofa so you can lay it out on the floor to make sure it fits. And we've added additional features like a visual tracking system that lets you track your sofa as it goes through the factory and then, once it's out for delivery, you can follow the truck along a map in real-time, Uber-style. Check out the site and use discount code prodhunt30% for 30% off your purchase. Let me know if you have any questions.
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@edgarblazona @jason Awesome innovation in a space that needs it. You should hit up PH team to get a DISCOUNT star on the listing:)
@edgarblazona @jason after wasting plenty of time visiting all the custom sofa outfits in LA and spending north of $3k, I can attest that there is a problem here. But no mention of THE ROBOT ??
@sth3000 @jason - Petunia the robot is coming soon to our flagship store. Still trying to find the right location though.
@edgarblazona @jason Awesome. I think the PH community would love to learn more about her = )
Looks amazing... I wish this existed six months ago! I know where we'll be going next time we're in the market for a sofa.
This is pretty darn impressive, I must admit - love Jason's enthusiasm. At the same time, it seems kind of lousy to lose so much efficiency by then throwing the sofa on a freight truck and waiting around for that white glove delivery to hopefully show up. Is there any way to expedite the process or do you think you'll have manufacturing centers across the country someday so no city is more than a 2 day delivery window? [Edit] Just saw that you're putting a tracker into the trucks with the sofa. That's pretty cool & a thoughtful way to approach the black box that is freight trucks :)
@ezramogee actually we put a tracker on the sofa. That way, no matter how many trucks or trucking companies used you always know where the sofa is. Who cares about the truck ;)
Watched these guys via the Launch Conference Live Stream and was so impressed. High quality machining, exact specifications, top quality materials AND that delivery time!?! All that's left is drone delivery! Might have to use these guys when I switch apartments
@ddmirolli We are here for you when you do! With a discount no less for the nice words.
love it. i wish it was there before i arrived in the USA...