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Even when you’re not in the same room you still see exactly the same thing We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for making this a triumph for [bench].
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Wow! Awesome tool, can't wait to give it a try!
@socialmemos Hi Michal, thanks for your feedback :)
Great tool, I've been testing it for a while, and it's much easier to talk about stuff in Bench, than in Skype (like in Skype every once in a while I need to switch from sharing my screen, to viewing another person's screen, and vice versa - this is horrible). Thanks to Bench we can focus on one screen and act on the same files in the real time. Great job, guys!
@peter_synowiec Thanks for your comment Peter. We stopped using skype a few months ago, it was too slow :)
As a remote worker, I was looking for this kind of whiteboard app for a long time. You should just update your video to make it a bit more clear :) Good job !
@elieslama Thanks Élie. Would love to hear what you think we should include in there so we can get it updated soon.
@elieslama Agreed. The website is solid and I understood what the value was on the front page. However, the video was not very helpful on the homepage. It didn't give the impression that the product improved my team communication and was different from other solutions out there. Other then that, I enjoyed the product and cannot wait to see improvements to it.
@levibostian you are right, our video sucks big time. My first time recording. Please forgive my lack of talent and give it a try with your team. It will change the way you work, I guarantee :)
@augenblick75 Oh, I am signed up and plan to use it this week. Keep building an awesome product.
@augenblick75 @levibostian Dude, I LOVE the video. Real people talking to each other is a great way to demo the product. I'm sure you'll change it in the future, but just thought I'd let you guys know. I'm signing up for the 1.99 promo you guys have going right now. Product Hunt is the best thing ever, I swear.
Did the demo the other day with @entrepreter great product endless ways to use it. Gave some feedback hope to see it and kudos!
@deambulando Thanks Chema. Text annotations coming in the next release :)