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Bellycheck makes it easy to eat healthier while on the go. Whether you wish to get in action-hero shape or eat better now and then, Bellycheck can help.

The easiest way to start eating better is knowing where you can get the healthiest choices without changing your entire lifestyle. Our goal is to help you eat better β€” anywhere.

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Yo! πŸ‘‹ I’m Tony. Senior Product Designer at Pocket. With a day job, a puppy, and freelance I find myself eating out often and ordering unhealthy options. So, I made Bellycheck, an app to help me eat healthier when I eat out. Bellycheck is an unbiased food finder with an easy to understand nutrition score that covers a wide range of restaurants. Its still early but most of the kinks have been worked out so I wanted to share it with you all. I apologize in advance to city users as major populated areas still yield limited search results. Anyways, I hope you enjoy using it!
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@tony_murphy very cool! will definitely be trying it out.
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@daniel7720 Awesome! Let me know if you have any feedback. Still early so things that bug you could be the next features!
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Awesome product! 🀩 I can't wait for the Android app and european localization! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ‘
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@valentin_firak Thank you! Android is coming soon :)
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Loved this product from the moment I first played around with it. From a great visual style to a smooth experience, this app is fantastic πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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Whenever I am not in my hometown I always am looking for something heathy around. So stoked to start using this app.
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@kyle_roberts Definitely! Let me know if you have any feedback when you give it a try.
This is a brilliant, brilliant idea. It would save weirdos like me so much time and hassle studying menus and annoying people with questions about sugar content and other ingredients. The main thing it would help with is narrowing down the menu to a few things at the top of the list and eliminate all the no-way stuff. Sign me up. But it has a long way to go before being usable, mainly due to lack of (or just clearly incorrect) data. UK user here, based on a few minutes trying it: - there are literally only three restaurants on the system in the whole of London, two of them just different branches of the same chain. (2x Bao, and 1x Shake Shack) - serving size is in ounces but carbs/protein/fat are in grams (metric system here, we know nothing of ounces, both in grams please). So what is 8g of sugar in a 1.8oz serving of honey dressing? A lot? Not much? (it's 15%, thanks WolframAlpha) - related to the last point, it would be useful to be able to switch between (as it is now) nutrients per serving (useful for tracking daily macros), and 'per 100g' (useful to quickly compare with other foods). American food labels are in terms of total amount per serving (where a serving can be some seemingly-random amount, making for some tricky mental arithmetic..) but in Europe we use g-per-100g, i.e. a percentage, so for example you can get an idea of how sweet (salty/fatty/carb-y/protein-y..) something is, and compare with other foods, regardless of quantity you end up eating. - all the dishes I looked at had zero grams of dietary fibre, calcium, saturated fat, and trans fat (the last one I'd hope so - trans fats are banned in Europe); systematic error? - many dishes are rated as 5 for no obvious reason - asian vegetable salad without dressing, what's partly-bad about that? Similarly the above 15% sugar dressing was also a 5 - I suggest these two things aren't equally healthy :) (I have a feeling 5 is your 'we haven't rated it yet' default, if so, it would be much better if you had a [stay tuned] rating for this, rather than saying it's definitively 'good and bad') - there's some sort of bug with 'search this area' on the map: if I zoom out in small increments and repeat the search every time, I managed to just once get one more restaurant to appear. The location it appeared at had been within the viewport the whole time. In other words some restaurants only appear after you zoom out unexpectedly far. Anyway thanks a lot for this, hope some of that stuff helps, good luck, greetings from London, and hope you keep working on it!
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@dsmudger WOW! Thank you so much for the feedback. Let me review and comment back this evening.
@dsmudger 1) Yeah only a few places outside the US right now but building a way for users to add local chains in the app. Coming soon! Plus, api doesn't handle major cities well yet. Working on that too. 2) Interesting point - let me think about that change. 3) same here. Will consider the swapping of the two for next update 4) I don't see this error on my build. Can you send a screenshot of this missing data? 5) So a (5) score is not bad or good. It's just neutral. Not sure the specific of the salad but does it have any positive nutrient rich attributes like fiber or protein? Those two things are equally neutral. 6) Yeah this could be a result of the api needing some tweak in cities. So working on fixes currently for cities.
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