Book college students for local moving help.



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Everette TaylorΒ β€” Team @ Skurt | 4x entrepreneur
This is clever, not only does it allow you to find some help but puts some much needed money into the pockets of college students.
Kevin William DavidΒ β€” Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PHπŸ₯‡
Bellhops contracts college students for local moving help, on-demand.
Serving 130+ cities with over 9000 students. $40/hr per student.
Anyone used them before ?
Andrew ConduracheΒ β€” Entrepreneur
@kwdinc i remember somethig similar yet more hilarous on Shark Tank. Forgot what they were called though..
Toni GemayelΒ β€” Powerforward at FanJam
@kwdinc I have and had a great experience. I think @bellhops has a pretty great model that could be extended outside of moving as well
@acondurache Yeah, I think it was called College Hunks Hauling Junk or something ..
Cam DoodyΒ β€” Co-founder, Bellhops
@iorahul @acondurache Yep, they're a franchised, asset-based moving company. Traditional moving model.
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