Bellhop 2.0

All your Lyft, Uber, Taxi rides in one.

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Bellhop is the leading aggregator of ride-shares providing users with more ride options and greater price transparency. In just one app, users can compare pricing and access rides across multiple ride-shares such as Lyft, Uber, Curb, Juno and Arro. Bellhop has been completely redesigned with a brand new UX/UI.

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Tom Stern
Tom Stern@bullstern
Great idea @nick would be cool to see scooters in there too.
Nick James
Nick JamesHunter@nick_james5
@nick @bullstern Hi Tom - yes, we will definitely be incorporating additional modes of transport in the near future.
Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume BardetPro@guillaumebardet · Working on
@nick @bullstern @nick_james5 Really interesting approach. Adding scooters would make it quite a valuable app to have!