Easy to style React Components with great UX built-in

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Hi, I'm one of the creators of Belle, As of today we hit version 1.0.0 :) Belle currently includes these components: Toggle, ComboBox, Rating, TextInput, Button, Card & Select. Many more like DatePicker, NumberInput, DropZone & Menu will come soon. We built Belle with desktop, mobile and ARIA support and aim to provide the best possible UX while making the components highly configurable to allow users applying their own theme. For demonstration purposes Belle comes with two themes (Belle, Bootstrap3) Let me know if you have any questions.
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@nikgraf fantastic to see this being picked up by PH. Congratulations @nikgraf @jyopur!
Why use the character from Monument Valley as your logo?
@robinraszka similar but definitely not the same:
@astrism And that's a good thing?
@robinraszka Its just not a ripoff, their intention or even a problem as your comment implies. ie its not a big deal.
@robinraszka Hi Robin, thanks for point it out. Let me share the story on how the logo came to be this character: With this UI library I had in mind to create something beautiful. The french word for beautiful is belle and early on it was an obvious choice. As Belle kept reminding me of the character in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". I had a white princess in my mind as logo for months. It ended up to become this after a lot of experimentation. Nevertheless I can see and understand your concerns. I reached out to some of the designers of Monument Valley and asked how they feel about it. While the reply the designer mentioned he doesn't feel like it's a ripoff, he gave me a good advice: "If the logo is creating reactions like that, even in a small percentage of your customers, is the logo doing its job?". Let us try to iterate on the logo for the next release. I would be happy in case you have any suggestions. @astrism Thank you very much for your support. Highly appreciated!
I would add a card example with multiple types on content in it. Ex: image, text, link
@bradenhamm good idea, we will do that!
More react stuff!!! Get it react.
Excellent job @nikgraf and @jyopur! Keep it up :)
@aluxian Thanks :)