Keep track & gain insight about your baby's health

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@MurSandro congrats on the launch! a few q's: 1) what inspired you to make products for parents 2) tell us the main difference in the 3 products 3) what marketing channels are you focusing on
@eriktorenberg Thanks man! 1) We started out working on pregnancy home monitoring systems and soon realized that we need to give expectant parents a product that is familiar to them, is easy to use at home and has a social component (unlike all clunky and hospital-like devices that the doctors provide). We think that this stage of every persons life is the most sensitive one and people need and want insight in what is happening every step of the way. 2) So, Bellabeat Shell is a smart pregnancy monitor that allows you to listen, record and share your baby's heartbeat and also play music to the baby while still in the womb. Later, once the baby is born, it can also be used as a baby monitor and a sound machine. On the other hand, Bellabeat Leaf is a smart fashion accessory that tracks activity, sleep and stress levels of women before, during and after pregnancy. Finally, Bellabeat Balance is a smart scale optimized for healthy pregnancy weight gain tracking and later as a baby scale. All products work with Bellabeat App that allows parents to track, organize and optimize their health during this sensitive period. 3) We are mainly focusing on marketing in the parenting community, but not only pure marketing but rather raising the awareness of the importance of tracking your health before, during and after. We want to make the world aware there are great products that can enhance your experience while expecting and with a newborn.
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@MurSandro I was thinking "Hope Bellabeat made the list" and there you are at #1 ;)
Awesome team and great products !!!!
What technology do you use in shell?
@MatevzPetek It's the first non-invasive heartbeat monitor for pregnancy(no ultrasound) that relies exclusively on highly sensitive acoustic sensors and signal processing.
@MurSandro I went to order and the discount code is only for 10%, not 20%. Should I place the order and you can fix on your end, or should I wait?
@McCroden Place your order and please send an email to with your info.
I was intrigued by this since the first time I saw it and the other similar products. After much deliberation, we opted not to get this. Here's why: Even trained ultrasound technicians can't instantly find the heartbeat. And, every single time, as the seconds tick away, a nervousness grows. We asked several trained medical folks about devices like this and they were unanimous in their hesitation. It sounds good on paper, but the day you try to use it and it doesn't work as expected, or you can't immediately find the heartbeat, you'll cause yourself and your partner a tremendous amount of anxiety.
@MikeKhristo What you said is the exact reason why we did it, and why we will continue to improve prenatal care and give moms the products that they deserve. You can’t just give those medical products to expectant moms and expect them to figure out how to use it and not get anxious if they can’t find the heartbeat on the first try. This is why we have an opportunity to help bridge the gap between medicine and everyday life with innovative and easy-to-use technology designed especially for moms. We also want to offer full-time service to them during this period of their life and help them understand and track their and their baby’s health with better products and a better experience. Just to point out something, this is the first prenatal heartbeat tracking device that doesn’t use ultrasound . Cheers