Bell Cycles

Front wheel drive + compact bicycle that comes as a kit.

Front wheel drive, hands by your side, compact bicycle that comes as a kit you assemble yourself. A DIY challenge thats too much fun.

Its not going to replace the regular bike. But its modular and different and could help some adults and kids get back into the spirit of making and building their own wheeled vehicles.

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What are the advantages to this type of build? Is it easier to steer / more comfortable / safer?
@michael_reynolds there must be more advantages than just compactness. More ergonomic for the back? That cargo version looked easier to steer then some of the designs I've seen riding around here.
Thanks for hunting @bellspringsteen! The bellcycle certainly caught my eye when I spotted it on the website -- I'd love to know more about the story behind this. Why design a new type a bike? 🙂
@abadesi I am a software/electrical engineer but I think like lots of us we yearn for those days of atoms over bits. As a kid growing up in a NYC apartment I didnt have a garage where I could build things. So I always wanted to design and build a bike that you could assemble yourself from raw metal. So the construction of the bike is quite different, it uses CNC cut parts that bolt together. While I was at it I thought, why make a normal bike? I like weird and different things. I am tired of the status quo. So I decided to make the bike smaller by moving the pedals to the front, put the handlebars behind, etc etc etc. Then suddenly the bike looks the way it does. And I love riding it.
@bellspringsteen Great story! thanks for sharing