Simpler than spreadsheets

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Cool - this looks quite similar to Airtable What are the benefits of using this vs Airtable?
@bentossell I'm really focused on keeping it simple, something you can use without having to read the docs. Also I'm aiming to keep it free since you're data is stored with you in your own Google Drive account. You'll always have access to your data no matter what.
@dosco's Airtable. πŸ˜‚
@jcwinter as much as it's a simpler Google Sheet or a simpler Microsoft Excel. And I really enjoy working on it πŸ™‚
So looking forward to sharing the story of this product with the PH community. It's my attempt at bootstrapping an idea I'm passionate about. I have an exciting roadmap for the product including realtime collaboration, better mobile experiences, etc. The reasons its's free and will be forever is that it's entirely built on Google Drive and I have minimum expenses even if we have millions of users . It truly serverless 😁 Also I'm quite serious about privacy and users always having their data. Bell+Cat saves everything to your Google Drive account (Use that free 15GB)
Looks like a ripoff version of Airtable
@jsdeckard to be honest it's more a ripoff of a spreadsheet. Reimagined to be how I like it, simpler. Thanks for taking a look. 😺
@rrhoover would be amazing if the vote also acted like a follow. I'd love to continue to post about product updates here.
@dosco good suggestion! We're working on something related to this, actually. 😊
One very interesting thing about Bell+Cat is that it runs entirely in the Google Cloud. Uses Google's networks and encryption to keep things zipping fast and secure. I wrote a book about my experience building a few products on the Google Cloud. I consider it a major advantage and want to inspire others to explore building their products on this pretty amazing infrastructure. The book is on Product Hunt.