Belacam's Crypto Shop

The easiest crypto shopping experience. Ever.

A cryptocurrency shop for giftcards and subscriptions. Use crypto to get:
— Rides from Uber
— Coffee from Starbucks
— Plane Tickets from Southwest
and cool stuff from 11 other companies!
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6 Reviews5.0/5
After adding 250,000+ users to — a site built around making it easy to EARN crypto — we've finally put our focus on making it easy to SPEND crypto too. The Belacam Shop currently features 14 digital goods, and we will expand the selection over the next few weeks. Crypto can be daunting, so we wanted to make the spending process easy and straightforward. Deposits into Belacam (and your account balance) are processed on-chain while purchases are off-chain, making them feeless and instant. The Bela token, which powers Belacam, was launched in 2014 as a Litecoin fork before we swapped over to an ERC-20 token in 2018. Our company never ran an ICO and is instead focused on building a product that brings real adoption and use to the cryptocurrency community.
The belacam project is very interesting and striking with the launch of its time will give more utility to your token which is great I hope this soon available for Latin America and deploy its full potential in this area thanks for such a wonderful product
Built on an already great platform, this feature looks like it is making Belacam more accessible and attractive for users! I think this demonstrates an excellent use case for cryptocurrency while still convening with the current monetary system we have as of today.
Отличная новость))). Спасибо за магазин. Будем надеяться что ассортимент товаров будет расти. Многие пользователи ждали этого. Чем больше товаров будет тем лучше. В идеале ещё бы карту Belacam иметь с возможностью конвертирования криптовалюты в фиатные средства. Успехов вам Belacam.