Being Beethoven

Daily rituals from the world's top performers

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Creators of 'Being Beethoven' here. It's the first experiment which came out from our studio back in Sep 2014. Now when we look at it, it's quite embarrassing UI-wise. We're still excited about the concept, and I'm using the app daily. Open to critiques and suggestions!
This would be cooler as a website.
@blake There is one for morning routines (164 profiled so far):
Quite a cool idea. Where do you get all the information from? Are there categories? e.g. Top VCs morning rituals, Founders rituals etc. Could be cool to get pooled responses from other areas too, bus drivers rituals, teachers rituals etc :)
@bentossell We used quite a few sources. Initially we used the book by Mason Currey - “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work”. But all the routines from it (when you stripped out the storytelling) were quite boring: get up at 8am, write from 9am until noon, work from 1pm to 3pm, go for an afternoon walk to do some errands, etc. Then we switched to more specific books (e.g. "O'Habits: 40 Success Habits of Oprah Winfrey”, "Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit”), Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters, blogs (,, etc.), podcast interviews (James Altucher Show, The Tim Ferriss Show), etc. Our plan is to add more people, and break them down into categories once we have more of them. Bringing rituals from other areas (bus drivers, teachers, barmen, etc.) is also an interesting route. Thanks for the suggestion!
@bentossell I think adding the rituals from other areas would be a lot of help for UX'ers trying to create apps for a specific demographic especially the variance in the rituals by culture would be cool to study, observe and create solutions incorporating their rituals.
Any plans on an app for android or a website?
@liambws Hi Liam. We hope to release Android version soon. No plans for a website though.
@suleimenov Nice! Is there any option to sign up so I get notified when the android version is out?
Awesome idea, Arman. It's really cool to get ideas from inspiring people within the tool you use to track and build habits. I keep bumping into a bug that doesn't allow me to add habits from the Crazy Ones section on iPhone 5. iTunes Support link doesn't work. Can you tell me how to report it?
@zoritomova Thank you for kind words, Zori. Glad you liked it. Unfortunately we don't have bug reporting setup yet. Could you send the screenshot to my_last_name [at] gmail? Thank you!
@suleimenov Thanks, Arman - now it works perfectly. Maybe it was something from my device or getting started experience that I can't reproduce anymore.