Month-to-month living around the world for women

Behere is a flexible lifestyle service for women. We provide our users with a private apartment, coworking space, gym & fitness class access, networking and community events in each city we’re in. Our goal is to enable women to live in and work from cities around the world, for a month at a time, while maintaining a healthy routine.

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Hi PH, Just found out we were hunted, thanks for highlighting us! Behere is a flexible lifestyle service, the first of its kind, created just for women. Behere is not just about remote work, it’s about the future of work and the future for women. We’re catering to the growing demographic of women with flexible careers but more than that, to the women that want flexibility in their lives. Society’s definition of ‘work’, ‘workplaces’ and ‘lifestyles’ are being redefined, our goal is to help women redefine these for themselves. To do this we’re helping women meet their desires and passions to explore, experience, connect and feel inspired. We are building a community of women around the world; that live abroad and work remotely or want to live abroad and work remotely, women that ultimately have a desire to embrace flexibility and women that want to step out of workplaces created by men, for men. We are not a remote work program. Instead, we are focused on creating something more sustainable, that will shape the future of work, and a flexible foundation that empowers and inspires women to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world. Would love to hear feedback and let me know if you have any questions!
@meesenbrown As someone who has spent the last few years building travel apps with the goal of creating community, this is very cool. "We are not a remote work program." Can you explain in more detail the difference in approach? (besides the obvious of a focus on women)
Novel concept @meesenbrown @thomas_b_maher great to see you here! Here's some feedback; the sign up requires a lot of information for me which are required fields: my LinkedIn, my phone number, my salary etc. I don't think this should all be necessary info and may put some people off signing. I selected two months in Bangkok, Oct-Nov, and was quoted $4,200. Under 'apartment' you say it will be furnished and clean - does this price include utilities and a cleaner? To what standard will it be furnished? Under 'coworking' you should mention it's proximity to my apartment, at that price I want convenience. Under 'female community' I also want more information, what kind of scheduled trips, are we going to a spa or visiting a historical monument? Who are the mentors you're providing and what do they help with? Under 'fitness & health' you mention a variety of classes, again I want to know exactly what I can pick from e.g. reformer pilates, barre, and I'd like to know if I can access a gym, and again how close it is to where I live. I think overall there's content missing that would hold me back from parting with the cash, I'd love to see videos of where I'd be going. Also think there may be a bug, even though I'm logged in with a provisional booking, I can't seem to access the city guide of my chosen city and then when I click city guides in the main menu, it redirects me to sign up again. I hope this feedback is helpful 🙂
As someone who's lived as an expat for many years, I believe there's something challenging and satisfying about figuring out your way around a strange new land by renting your own place, etc. But is that the best part of the experience? Of course not! I've also come to realize that many people don't have the time, flexibility, safety net, and education that prepared me to go out and find my own way relatively easily. For that reason I'm really glad Behere exists to make moving abroad more affordable and safe. Living abroad is so good for both the individual and the society he/she visits and comes home to, I couldn't feel stronger that people should invest in this type of experience. Whether you travel with Behere because you want to make sure you don't lose your security deposit to an unscrupulous landlord or because you want a built-in connection to the local community, the important point is that Behere will open this kind of travel up to more people.
Love this! It'd be great if the website had more pictures and information on the properties. <3

I love this service. Having a travel company especially for women is long overdue. I could show up in the city and have everything completely taken care of for me. The founders really care about you and are always organizing women pop up coworking spaces and other meetups.


Felixable, good value, for women


would love more locations! But they are working on it