Create and work with tasks inside Slack

Begin is task & project management seamlessly integrated with Slack.

Effortlessly create tasks, quickly see what your team is focused on, and be notified when progress is made.

Begin is fast, simple, and stays out of your way.

It also installs in 60 seconds with zero setup.

The happiest teams don’t do more work, they do their best work.

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4 Reviews5.0/5

I've been using Begin for a long time now, and I use it both for work and personal projects. I like that I don't have to worry about context switching from app to app, and I can just jot down tasks as they come up in conversation.


Love that it works right in Slack, where I'm already spending 99% of my time! Easy to assign tasks to people conversationally.



Hey do you have any explainer video?
@ryan Much easier now, thanks! :)
Most task or project management tools are designed for the the web or mobile, not for conversational input (i.e. Slack). Many of the former have integrations with Slack, and they're useful, but ultimately you still need to use the web/mobile interface to manage everything. Awesome to see this ship, @ryan and team. I'm curious how the product or vision has changed over the past ~few years building.
@rrhoover Thank you! It's been insanely fun and challenging getting here. I think the core vision has remained more or less the same. And that vision wasn't just on a two or three year timeline – unbundling email into democratized tools for sharing knowledge and tracking work is going to be a multi-decade effort. We set out to build a tool to help people stay focused and in flow, do their best work, and be a little less stressed out. And later, hopefully, layer in some narrow-domain AI to help alleviate some of the drudgery of planning and coordinating all this stuff. We knew from early on that some core differentiators would be being Slack-native, and emphasizing incremental progress and doing fewer things better. We really stuck with that. Of course, many of the specifics and how we brought Begin to market have changed (as they always do). And I can't overstate how influential customer feedback has been in shaping the product over the last year it's been in beta!
Hello hunters! Can't wait to answer your questions and hear what you think about Begin! ✨
If possible I would like to know how you managed to acquire the domain name and what were the costs involved?
@doronvermaat I was thinking the same thing. Great domain.
@doronvermaat A dream, lots of work, a surprising amount of patience, and gobs of luck.